Welcome to OpenCCTVdragon

This is an experiment produced as part of a Hackathon at Cogapp.

Using a combination of IIIF images, OpenSeadragon and WebSockets, it playfully explores what surveillance of visitor activity might look like in a scenario where up to 9 participants can browse a collection of zoomable images, whilst having their activity monitored in real time in a simulated "control room".

To take part you can either become:

If no one else is participating you can also play this game by yourself by opening the viewer in multiple tabs and watching the results in the control room link.

A modern web browser is advised.

If you want to find out more about this project, you can read more in the accompanying blog post or view the source code on github

Images from the collection of the Nationalmuseum, Sweden
code by @superbland, Cogapp. If you enjoyed this, we have more fun stuff on cogapp labs.